Camping Toilets

Bio Toi Camping Toilets

Biotoi toilets can be useful in many situations, but they come into their own if you're travelling somewhere and you're not sure if you'll have access to a fixed toilet, or if you think that toilet facilities won't be good enough.

Many people take them with them on camping trips, where one of the main advantages of the Bio Toi is that it doesn't need a water supply or chemicals in order to function. This helps to make it a truly portable toilet.

It's also proving popular with those who are environmentally conscious. It's green system of using biodegradable bags is better for the environment than many alternatives. You should, of course, take care to dispose of waste properly.

How about at music festivals? Quite a number of people have started taking them to Glastonbury and other gatherings - this means that they can be used instead of the toilets that are provided on site.

The Biotoi is useful in any circumstances where you want the confidence of knowing that you won't have to search for an available, clean toilet.

Bio Toi