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Bio Toi Discount Prices

If you're looking to buy a cheap Bio Toi then your best option is to buy online - we recommend the Camping Loo outlet because they have a strong history of keeping prices low on this product.

They also sell a wide range of other camping accessories, including the popular Shewee products that you may have seen featured on television, or in camping magazines.

What other options are there? Biotoi portable toilets are occasionally sold on ebay, but prices are rarely lower than those found at CampingLoo.

There are other cheaper camping toilets available on the market, but these often have a number of issues for many users. The main ones are that they are not usually environmentally friendly and that they're often made using flimsy materials.

With the Biotoi, you know that it was developed with input from the Norwegian armed forces, ensuring that it's built to last.

Are there any online discount vouchers available? At the time of writing, neither of the two main retailers (Camping Loo and Blue Sky Camping) appear to be offering any specific discount vouchers.

Bio Toi